Western Suburbs pet feeding & home pet care rates

We try to offer a service that is as flexible as possible to suit your pets needs. As such, it’s not easy to give an exact price list to cover everything. But we want to give you a very good idea of what our service will cost.

First, here’s how it works. Simply call Lisa on 0418 751 241 and let us know exactly what you need. We will quote you a price on the phone. If you’re happy with that, we will make an appointment to meet you and your pets. There is no charge for this visit.

We will go through everything that needs to be done, where everything is kept and make sure we know exactly what it is you want us to do. It is possible on this visit that we may amend our telephone quote, although this very rarely happens.

During this visit, we will also discuss whether we need access to your house or not. Many pets live outdoors but some stay indoors. If we need a house key, we will discuss how we can collect it and how to return it when we finished.


Pet Feeding & Home Care Price Guide*

1 Visit per day

  • Pet Feeding $20
  • Dog Walking $25
  • Feeding + Walking $30

2 Visits per day

  • Pet Feeding $35/40
  • One Dog Walk $25
  • Feeding + One Walk $45/50


Prices quoted are for one pet. Two or more pets from as little as an extra $5 per visit.
Reductions available for old aged cats.
All include mail collection and wheelie bin service.
Additional charges may apply, depending upon your requirements.
But don’t be too surprised if our fees turn out to be lower than the guide either.
Give us a call, you’ll be amazed at how much more we can do for so little extra.

No pets?

Home Care Service $15 per day

Collection of Mail
Plant Watering (Indoor)
Wheelie Bin Service
Peace of mind!